Memoirs Of A Millennial

by Austin Christopher Havens-Bowen

curated thoughts on life, society, and experience

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Chapter 8

A full time school schedule, an internship at my favorite magazine, and countless hours at work has been a balancing act that I finally mastered. Barely eating and dropping pounds led to eating too much take out and gaining them back. My once pristine bedroom looked like a tornado raged within its yellow walls more often than not. And my seemingly active social and dating life dwindled into tackling a plethora of homework and confining myself to my bed in the limited free time that I did find myself with. The last few months have most definitely been the busiest of my life thus far but also the most rewarding.

Alas, amidst the beginning of the New York winter, I finally have a short break from school to do the things I have not been able to recently, like spend time with my friends, drink more (a lot more), and write my first blog post in months.

2015 was a successful year for me

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Chapter 7

Days were becoming warmer as the final remnants of spring were diminishing. Classes were being dismissed for the final time and sleep deprived students became relieved that sleep was no longer just a desire. Summer had finally arrived.

I had just escaped a manipulating relationship and was uncertain of how my summer would unfold. I had no exciting trips or vacations planned like usual and felt rather lonely after having to cut the strings from a person that I had been with continuously during previous months. Interestingly enough, I had an exhilarating feeling that it would be a life changing summer.

Summer presents a unique sense of freedom under the blaring rays of the sun. Freedom that allows for more than just parties that do not stop until morning. Freedom that allows for us to grow outside the confinement of solitude that the remainder of the year presents.

It was the summer

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Chapter 6

A couple of nights ago, I was sitting in my room watching a Fran Lebowitz documentary, attempting to learn more about a writer that I admire, but was distracted by my thoughts of how long it was taking for my charbroiled chicken to be delivered. I paused the film, and asked myself why I was being so grossly impatient for food that I was not even that hungry for.

An inevitable problem for Millennials is that we were raised during the arc of fast food, self-checkout, and DVRs. Where if you cannot wait thirty minutes to cook your own meal or five minutes to pay for your cart full of mass-produced products at Wal-Mart, then you can take control and get the job done faster. Although convenient, I believe it has turned us into an impatient generation. The problem is more evident in New York where even fast food is not fast, and Wal-Mart, thankfully, does not exist. The saying “quicker than a

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Chapter 5

I was lying in bed, intertwined with my sheets while wrestling my thoughts longing to just fall asleep. I am naturally an over thinker so during restless nights like this, I start to feel bad for myself. I temporarily morph into that melodramatic emo kid circa 2010 and start to list off every negative aspect of my life rather than reflecting on the positive. I begin comparing myself to both friends and strangers, and allow it to drown out my own accomplishments and successes. The difference between now and then is that I have much more to be thankful for and proud of. The similarity is that no matter how much I have to be thankful for or proud of, I will always have a strong desire for more.

The next morning, I was aboard a Virginia bound train going to visit my family for a few days. That is when I realized how naive my thoughts during the previous night were. Sometimes you have to be

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Chapter 4

I was anxiously sitting on the G train, a train I had only ridden once, questioning if I was headed in the correct direction. As I decided that I was on the right side of the tracks, I overheard a guy ask a woman if the train was Brooklyn bound. She confidently answered that it was Queens bound, and he and his friend rushed off the train before the doors closed and tunneled deeper into Queens. Brooklyn was also my destination, so I quickly followed to hop onto the train across the platform. We sat directly across from each other, and as the train sat idle, we were the only ones aboard the car. Both dressed in grungy punk attire and drinking beers disguised in brown paper bags, they introduced themselves to me. We confirmed to one another that we were now headed into Brooklyn, discussed what our plans were for the night, and bonded over how annoying it was that the train was not budging

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Chapter 3

One of my favorite traits of the Millennial generation is our ability to coexist. As I mature alongside my friends and colleagues, I notice that we are much more accepting of an individual’s differences than previous generations. I’m not disregarding those generations’ will to fight for change or their ability to accept differences but I do believe that our generation, as a whole, is more open minded and accepting. Unfortunately, reality is not perfect and there is much work to be done before reaching the existence of pure equality. In honor of June being LGBT Pride Month as well as this being my last blog post of the month, I am recycling a writing that I crafted just over a year ago as my way of coming out to my family.

I am sharing this intimate writing below with a quote that inspired me in hopes of inspiring at least one person struggling with who they are. Gay or straight, black

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Chapter 2

Having desires for another can be intoxicating, specifically those that embody the elements of companionship and romance. There are no comparable feelings to the ones that flutter within when you talk nonstop for hours on a first date, hold hands while walking down the street, or fall asleep together with your limbs intertwined. When two become one, it lights a flame that friendships and one-night stands simply cannot.

It is natural instinct to check a crush’s Tinder to see when they were last active, to sift through Instagram hoping to discover their profile, or to talk your friends into boredom about how magical last night’s date was. These slightly obsessive habits aid in discovering another’s soul. Even better is when it leads to date after date and a foundation slowly begins to develop. Experiences of this caliber are enriching to one’s life.

Despite these wondrous strings

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Chapter 1

With over eight million inhabitants crawling through the concrete jungle known as New York City, it is nearly impossible for one to be physically alone but it is quite possible to feel lonely. It is a city where even the most progressive of individuals can be demeaned. Where you can be partying on a rooftop among celebrities one night but the next you are alone in your closet sized apartment with a bottle of wine and take out. Where no matter how insanely busy your schedule is, it seems like you are not doing enough.

This issue is not location specific, although the celebrity encounters and minuscule living quarters most likely are. All twenty-something year olds likely feel the pressure to constantly be with someone doing something. Perhaps this has to do with how technologically connected our generation is. Social media allows us to be connected at every ticking second of the clock

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The term Millennial, which defines those of us born between 1980-2000, has slowly developed a negative connotation. That we are rebels, that we are lazy, and that we are disconnected from reality. Despite this, I strive to embrace the generation that I am a piece of and the term we have been coined. Rather than disregarding it, I choose to revamp its meaning to promote the truth of who we are. Although we might be slightly self centered with our selfie infested Instagram feeds and melodramatic Twitter accounts, we are an extraordinary generation that embraces diversity, accepts change, and isn’t afraid to let older generations know about it.

Memoirs have also become slightly frowned upon. We live in a society where any reality television star can pen a memoir of their struggles. Where this genre of literature is not as intimate as it once was. But even in the literary world, times are

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